Ojo De La Sol products are based on the remedies our ancestors used to heal themselves.

I began making this medicine on a personal journey for myself. Witnessing the powerful effect that cannabis had on my body, I became a devoted student of the plant. I have spent many years studying its medicinal effects in a variety of forms and have created a product line that is both strong yet gentle on the body. Every product is made in small batches, immersed in ritual and tradition from my family's home country, Chile.

Pain comes in many forms, it's not always physical. As a Latina woman I've seen my community struggle to heal our minds, hearts, and bodies often turning to physically destructive solutions in attempt to numb the pain. This medicine is made intentionally to bridge the divide between mind and body - it is not the final stop on your journey of healing, but rather a medium to help you learn to take care of yourself.

Application of these oils encourage a lifestyle of self-care so that we can address the root causes of our ailments, massage our bodies, pay attention to the pain so we can let it go.

This effort began as a project rooted in familia that grew to reach athletes, elders, and even children beyond my immediate community.

It is my honor to now share this medicine with you.

Love yourself,

Dania Cabello