Ojo De La Sol products are based on remedies our ancestors used to heal themselves to sustain movement and embodied learning.

This effort began as a project rooted in healing familia that has grown to reach athletes, elders, and people struggling with chronic pain. As a former professional athlete whose body was significantly impacted by harmful western medicine practices,  I have spent over a decade working with cannabis studying, its medicinal effects to create products that are highly effective and gentle on the body.

This medicine is one of the strongest and cleanest in the cannabis industry, made with the intention to help bridge the divide between mind and body. It is not the final stop on a healing journey, but a medium to ease physical discomfort to keep our bodies in motion.

Ojo De La Sol encourages a lifestyle of curiosity and self-care through movement - a catalyst to evolve and learn to move differently over time.

It is my honor to share this medicine with you.

Your co-conspirator in healing,

Dania Cabello