“We rarely see a product this clean.”
– Steep Hill Labs, Berkeley, CA

“At 40 the body doesn’t recover as quickly as it used to after a futbol game, and your ungüento has been golden to deal with constant sore muscles and a tight back. Oh, and it smells so good!”
– Federico, 40

“My name is Rose Wong. I am 84 years old and have been using Ojo de La Sol products regularly for 3 years for my chronic pain and difficulties with sleep. These products have been an invaluable help in my ongoing struggles with back and nerve issues. I have tried many therapies and products over the years, but Ojo De La Sol has consistently provided me with highly effective relief. On top of that, Dania Cabello is a wonderful person who cares deeply about healing and taking care of people. 5/5 stars for Ojo De La Sol!”
– Rose, 84

“I had pimples in the middle of my eyebrows so I put the oil on my face and in the morning they were practically gone.”
– Nadya, 21

“After a couple of weeks of pain and tightness that I had never experienced in my shoulder, I mentioned it to a friend, and she told me about Ojo De La Sol salves. I tried it and am HOOKED! I used it for just a couple of days and my pain literally melted away! I couldn’t believe how effective it was. I have used it on my kids for different ailments, and also have seen great results. Also recently gave the salve as a gift to my parents for using on trouble areas and they were surprised that it worked so well. I always recommend the salve to friends and have heard nothing but positive things.”
– Joanna, 40

“I’ve been using Ojo De La Sol on my face for several years to relieve acne and clear dark spots. I also use it on sore muscles and anything else (it’s pretty much my new vicks vaporu), and my Mom is a believer now too! She uses it for arthritis pain, and achy joints. You have to try this! Trust!”
– Jocelyn, 34

“In our household Ojo De La Sol products have become our go to’s for everything….cuts, scrapes, bruises, muscles aches, burns, and skin care.”
– Lorena, 44